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The Dreamoscope Apps and Website offer quick and easy access to all popular social networks.

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Download the free App from our website, iTunes or from other digital media download providers.

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Create a free account and store your dream files safely and securely in the Dreamoscope Dream Cloud Storage area

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Let one of our Expert Dream Analyst review your dream and recieve Past, Present and Future information that your dreams are trying to tell you. 


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Dreamoscope is a state of the art technology company that allows you record, store and analyze your dreams. When you are sleeping and you awake from a dream, have your Dreamoscope App near by and push record to speak your dream into the recorder while it is still fresh in your memory. The App is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phones, Windows Desktop and Mac computers. The App has a number of free offerings that will get you started saving your dream history and then add on features that let you translate your audio files to text and also to have an expert dream analyzer analyze your dreams.


  • Social Network Uploads - The Dreamoscope apps also offer buttons to quickly publish and unpublish your dreams to social media sites.
  • Cross Platform Application - The Dreamoscope Application runs on virtually all computer Operating Systems and platforms such as Windows and Mac Desktop, iPhone 3,4,5, iPad, iPad Mini and even Unix boxes.
  • Professional Website - You can perform virtually all Dreamoscope features for our website or the Dreamoscope application. Also sync your all your computers to yoiur Dreamoscope account.
  • Free Dream Storage Cloud - Get up to 5 gigabytes of free storage to store your dream history. If you are a big dreamer we have additional storage for you at reasonalble prices.
  • Free Dream Analysis - Get your first dream analysis from one of our expert Dream Analyzers. We can provide realtime automatic analysis as an add on feature to your account.>
  • Audio to Text Translation - You can convert your audio files to text files with the add on Dream Converter module.
  • Categorize your dreams - You can categorize your dreams into separate base categories such as night mare,  public underware  and many other categories or you can create your own.

Secure Website

Professionally designed and Secure website lets you perform virtually all application features via the web. Record, store and organize your dreams from anywhere.

Dream Cloud

Store up to 5 gigabytes of your dreams in our free Secure Dream Cloud Storage Area. Purchase more space if you need it.

Cross Platform App

Free Cross platform Dream Recorder Application runs on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Desktops, Unix and the Mac. Free User account and free first Expert Dream Analysis, a $9.99 value.

Dream Analysis

Free User account and one free Recorded Dream Analysis from any of our expert Dream Analyst.